Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For Gage's first Halloween I knew I wanted him to be a monkey! I've called him monkey since he was born because we used to put the long sleeved onesies on him for bed and he would stretch his little arms out just like a monkey. Isn't he the cutest monkey you ever did see? :)
Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Sweet Bailey Boy!

As most of you know, we found out through a blood test that Gage has many allergies including dog dander. Both our pediatrician and allergist said that his allergy was so high that our dog would have to go. So, after searching and searching (read: putting off the inevitable/not trying very hard) Justin turned to Craigslist to find Bailey a new home. I was very skeptical that it would turn up a family that would fulfill all the requirements I had for the family that took him. To my surprise, the very first response we got was from a wonderful family in Puyallup (only 15 min from us!). They have 2 kids, live on 2 1/2 acres with goats, and they both had shelties growing up. When they came to meet Bailey, Justin & I both knew they were the perfect family for our Bailey Boy. After many tears and a sad goodbye Bailey's new mom promised to take great care of him and send us many updates. Justin loaded him in the back of his truck and drove off to his new home. Even though I knew he was with a wonderful family I cried for about 2 days straight! I've cried almost everyday since but it's getting a little easier. I just keep trying to think about how much fun he must be having running around chasing the goats! :)
The very next day Bailey's new mom emailed me and told me all about his first night. He did great and loved their other dog Peanut! She's super sweet and told me to email any time I wanted to check up on him!
How we told my parents that we were expecting....
Bailey was a great big brother! He was very sweet when we brought Gage home from the hospital and would sniff him all the time. When Gage learned to crawl he would just follow him around.
We miss you very much Bailey Boy and hope you're loving your new home!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Vacation

Last weekend we flew down to San Diego, California to meet up with the rest of the Grisham fam. Gage's first flight went great! He slept the whole way there!
We flew down to watch Keaton graduate from the Marine's boot camp.
Yay Keaton!!
Beach Time Gage & Uncle Bran
"What is this stuff?"
Daddy built Gage a sandcastle just so that he could knock it down.
On Friday we all went to Sea World. It was so hot out (the reason Gage is stripped down to his onesie!) but we all had a great day!!
Checkin out the fishies!
"Mom, you've gone too far now! Get this whale OFF MY HEAD!!"
On the last night we decided we better get a family pic on the beach!
The boys! The girls! As she's throwing her mom in our arms Alyssa says, "Here, hold my mom's head!" Ummm I'm pretty sure it's never ok to drop your mother-in-law on her head!! Oooops!Grammy & Poppy
Alyssa & Matt
The newly engaged Carmen & Seth! Congrats!!
Then, Grammy decided she wanted a family pyramid...what Grammy wants....Grammy gets! (anyone notice Justin smacking Seth in the face?)
(anyone notice Justin back handing Keaton in the face?) What happens when you smack your brothers during family pyramid time....
A fun vacation had by all! :) Thanks Grammy and Poppy for our early Christmas present!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Today Kim, Tami, Keren and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch. We had fun taking tons of pictures! Gage wasn't too thrilled with his shutter happy mommy though!
Can you tell? :)
Gage & Addie"Gage, could you please get out of my picture?" "I SAID GET OUT OF MY PICTURE!!!" "Ughhh boys!!" "Payton? What is wrong with these girls?" "Yaaay! I finally got the wheelbarrow to myself!"