Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Party!

Gage is two!!! Our poor little guy woke up from his nap on party day with a temp. I swear he has the WORST timing with getting sick (when Harper was born, the day mom left...) He was pretty whiny the whole day but made it through. He had a temp all night but was fine the next morning. When he went downstairs he said "WOOAH BALLOONS!!" even all his toys were new again. LoL
Auntie Carmen and Harper
Connie and Jeffrey got Justin a ball-picker-upper (I'm sure that's the official name of it!) filled with golf balls. Daddy was pretty excited!!
An excavator from Nana & Papa
Grammy and Harper
Debbie painted this stepping stone for Gage!! She's amazing!!
Lilah girl!!
Uncle Mike, Mikey and Anna
4 Generations
Helen Kay & Harper Kay
Uncle Darren & Lilah
Poor Hailey. Harper is always crying when she wants to hold her!
(Disclaimer: Yes we fully realize we didn't cut his hair short enough at his haircut and he looks like he has a toupe. Don't you fret though. Shellee has since fixed it!!!)
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! We love you so much!