Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Day!!!

Long post but this is how Gage spent his actual birthday!
Nana brought a present in the morning...
His very own mini cooking set!!
Seriously, this kid loves cooking/stirring soooo much it's ridiculous! I think his next word might be "BAM!"
Then he got a birthday donut. Which his mom REALLY helped him out with :)
Then we had the gang over for a mini birthday dinner. Sutty LOVED the balloons.
Grandma Kay brought Gage this giant ball!
Nana got him some bath markers. (Thanks a lot mom!)
Where's Gavin?
Yaaay bath toys!!
Then Grammy brought over their present. A lawn mower! Which he pushes back and forth like a vacuum. This kid is sooo his father's son! LoL
Quote from Justin pre baby "I am not going to have baby crap all over my living room like other people. I'm going to put it all away everyday" Bwhahahaha Who lives in ToysRus now??
But who needs all those toys when you have a giant salad bowl?
DETERMINED to smash it in a million pieces. Notice there is NONE on his mouth!
What do you do with 3 one year olds that just ate chocolate cupcakes? Send them to the bathtub!
They will kill us for this one day but this is totally getting framed in our bathroom!
Trying out the tub markers

Birthday Boy!!!

Gage only liked his cake for a couple minutes.
Then it all went down hill...
which ultimately led to this....