Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Child Labor

You didn't think we had a baby because they were cute did you? We just needed a little help around the house! :)
Now this is what I'm talkin 'bout! I'll take 4 more! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Name!!

Gage said his favorite uncle's name tonight!! He said JORDAN clear as day!! LoL Just kidding Seth! Thought you'd get a rise out of that! Anyway, tonight we had to run some errands so we dropped Gage off at Grammy and Grandpa's for a little bit. While he was there they skyped uncle Seth and aunt Carmen to say hi. Appaaaaarently they told him to say hi to Seth and he said it!!!! Uncle Seth was very excited and wanted the occasion blogged about. So here you go uncle Seddy!!! This blogs for you!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Time!!!!

Sunday was Gage's 1st Birthday Party and we had a great time!!
Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!!
(The pics are way out of order but you get the point)
Kids craft table
Gage's Birthday Coloring Book
Jaelene Nana Darren & Lilah, Kevy, Christina
Auntie Dine
Trying to feed Papa his carrot
Connie and her Little Man
Bryce LOVES Gage!
Miss Emily
Auntie Alyssa
Our attempt at a Nestie Babies picture
Blake, Payton, Addie, Gage and Makenna
The Candy Napper!
"It wasn't me!!!"
Mmmmm Sutton likes cake balls!
Watching everyone sing
Giant cupcakes are scary!!
The Grandparents
He did NOT like his birthday cake!
Emily and Jessica
Sutton, Tim and Chloe
I have to add this pic because this was us almost exactly one year ago!!! My how these boys have grown!
The Kimball Boys Gage Kimball, Ron Kimball and George Kimball
Chris and Katie
Deb, Ray and Connie
Me and my main squeeze Ray :)
Loving Kevy's necklace!
Liz and Ryan
Miss Payton
Little Ham Josie
Uncle Seth and Auntie Carmen flew all the way from California for Gage's party!!! They got him a mini backpack with all the necessities for flying to visit them!! So cute!! Thanks guys for making the trip! It meant a lot to us!! We love you!
The Girls Christie, Me and Shellee
Tami, Me, Kim, Liz and Ryan
Gage and Lilah
Awww Lilah loves her cousin!!
Darren, Christina and Lilah
Terry & Auntie Dine
Poor AddieBoo. That monkey punch will getcha everytime! ;)
Daddy with his very tired birthday boy
Gage & Grammy
Kevy was so excited to take one of the giant cupcakes home!!
Daddy, Gage and Uncle Bran
Christie and Gage
The JoDee's
Virginia, JoDee and JoDee
Auntie Alyssa and Matt
Grampy, Dad and Gage
The Harwood table
Grandpa Hopper and Grandma Kay
The Badhams
Justin and Connie
Feeding Time Laura and Makenna Elizabeth and Ryan
Jack and Ron
Kisses for Natalie
Woah. Coming back for seconds! LoL
The Grishams
Lilah the Party Girl
Party's over. Time to clean up and go home.