Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning

Gage LOVES his baby sissy! He wants to know where she is all the time!
He wanted her to sleep on him but she woke up hungry and started rooting around. Gage said "Sissy's drinking milk" Mom and I were rolling with laughter.
Could there be a better way to enjoy a Saturday morning?!?

Photo Day

Last Thursday I met up with my other photographer friend Stacey and her 3 month old son Courtland. We decided we'd spend the day torturing the babies trying to get pictures! :) Taking pictures of your own kid is harder than it seems! These are about the only pics I got because Harper would NOT sleep for longer than a couple minutes!

Pics by Stacy

I'm super lucky to work for an AWESOME photographer!! She took these pics of Harper and I when Harper was 12 days old.
If you're looking for an awesome photographer check her out!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Week

In between all the sickness and trying to adjust to life with 2 kids I've been horrible at taking pictures!! These are super random but this is about all I have of the first week home!
How we spent the first day home from the hospital....
This was when Gage finally started feeling better and realized there was a baby sister in the house. He's such a good big brother and always wants to hold her!
Attempting to take newborn pics...
Had to get some pics in her snuggle bunnies outfit from Aunt Catt and Auntie Dine! Check out those bunny feet! So cute!
I made Shellee snap some pics of us on Sunday since it was the first time we were all feeling well and dressed for the first time since Harper was home! :)

Meet Harper!!!

Well I'm finally getting a chance to post about our sweet girl!!
Friday 15th, 2010 I called my grandma in the morning to go to BabiesRus with me to use a coupon I had and walk the baby out. While I was getting ready I started having little contractions here and there but I didn't think much of them. By the time we got in the car I noticed they were every 5 minutes so I handed grandma a pad of paper and asked her to "write down the time when I tell you." Of course my grandma went into panic mode and thought I was going to give birth right there in her car. I kept telling her it was fine but when we were half way to Tukwila and my contractions were still every 5 minutes I started having horrible visions of my water breaking in my grandma's car and not making it back to Puyallup. I decided we could make it and I wanted to use my 20% off coupon darn it!! (I'll have you know I saved $52 on my video monitor by going and using my coupon!!) :) We got to BabiesRus, ran in, bought the monitor and raced back home. When I got home the contractions were still every 5 minutes but they didn't hurt at all. I figured I'd just wait it out until they hurt or got closer together and then go in. Luckily one of my mommy friends on thebump suggested I go in because her 2nd came faster. I decided then that we'd just go in and at least get checked so at 1:00 we headed to the hospital. I felt REALLY stupid walking up to the front desk of Labor & Delivery telling the lady "I think I'm in labor?!?" She looked at me like "Yeeeeah right!" and said "You could have called but since you're here we'll just get you checked." When I got back in the room and got checked I was 5cm, 90% effaced and -1 station! My contractions still didn't hurt at all though. Dr came in and broke my water. My "not so painful" contractions turned VERY PAINFUL in minutes! The nurse checked me a little bit later and I was at an 8. All I remember was one nurse quietly saying to the other nurse behind me "She doesn't have time for an epidural." Ummm not the words I wanted to hear right then!!! After a little more than an hour of this the anesthesiologist finally came in. Like the nurses said, I didn't have time for an epi but he gave me a shot of something in my back that did the same thing! It was awesome and I couldn't feel a thing! The minute he left the room the nurse checked me again and I was fully dilated and ready to push. My doctor came back and 3 pushes later at 4:30pm our sweet Harper girl was born!
Harper's pouty lip....
Gage's pouty lip! :) They sure have that down pat.
Dr. Edstrom
Telling Grandma Kay that her name was Harper Kay after her.
Heading home! I was soooo glad to be heading home! Gage had the flu a couple days before Harper was born and we all just happened to catch it the day after she was born. Lucky us. Mom, Justin and I were ALL knocked out with it. I just wanted out of the tiny hospital room and in my own bed!! It ended up being a 24 hour flu for us so we were all feeling better by Sunday!