Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd Birthday ~ 1st Haircut

My baby is 2!! Waking up to a present Nana left on the doorstep.
Golf slippers!
Yes, it's an official rule that you're allowed to eat Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast on your birthday!
Let's move on to the real event of the day. Justin and I have battled the last year about cutting Gage's hair. He wanted it cut IMMEDIATELY every time the boy woke up looking like this... (which was every morning the past couple months)
I on the other hand did NOT want to. I felt like it took him so long to finally get hair and he still looked like such a baby with his little curls! I didn't want to cut away his baby-ness. :( We ended up compromising to wait till his 2nd birthday to cut it. I was DREADING this day for weeks leading up. I cried more times than I can count when I thought about actually cutting it (and now I'm crying again typing this). These were the last pics I took of my baby before he got his big boy cut!
His new cheesy smile
At the hair salon! He had to sit in EVERY single car, truck, plane that they had!
My big boy!!
Papa and Gage
After his haircut we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa.
Gage LOVES pirates right now so Nana got him a pirate costume!!
We love you so much sweet boy!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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