Friday, November 28, 2008


Every year, since they were little, Daddy and his family go to the mountains the day after Thanksgiving to cut Christmas Trees. Daddy was excited to take Gage up for his first year of Christmas Tree cutting!
Hiking up the trail with uncle Brandon.
Such a daddy's boy!
Trying to stay warm!
Once it started raining Gage and Mommy sat in the truck to stay dry & warm!


Mrs. Kiltlifter said...

That looks like it was a ton of fun. Gage appears to have fun even with the rain!! Did you get a big tree?

Serena said...

Hello Ashley - My mom is friends with your mother-in-law who directed us to your blog . . . (and my family grew up in the same ward as your hubby). You have the cutest clothes for Gage. Where do you find them - especially the hats? I have a little boy who is about 2-3 weeks younger than Gage. So it's fun to follow your blog and see if Gage has learned a new trick that my baby hasn't yet. . .