Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seth & Carmen's Wedding

Today was Seth and Carmen's wedding!! Apparently, mother nature likes to act up when a Grisham gets married. 2 years ago when Justin and I got married, there was a huge wind storm with power outages everywhere. Despite the storm, everything went great and the snow ended up making for some beautiful pictures! The reception was gorgeous and the bride looked FABULOUS!!
Congratulations Seth & Carmen!!!
What handsome men!!!
I'm a model, you know what I mean...
Trying to steal a dance with the bride!
All partied out!

1 comment:

The Master of the Kitchen said...

Ahhhh you guys look great! Lil man looks so smashing in his tux. I love the model pose. He knows how to work it when he wants to. Too bad he can't smile for the camera for the professional shots. Little tease!!!

Are you sure you don't want to loan him out to Aunt KL for say a lifetime? J/K!!!!