Friday, September 11, 2009

Rodeo Weekend

Driving to the rodeo Friday night. Gage's first trip in the motorhome. He thought it was pretty cool when big trucks would pass us and he would say "More Papa! More Papa!"
My little dude ready for the parade!
This was the start of the rain. It rained ALL weekend!!
Waiting for the parade to start.
My little cowboy. Tough enough to wear pink!
This was the highlight of the fair for Gage!! John Deere had about 10 tractors there and Gage wanted to ride them ALL.....10 times. He'd point to one and say "I ride!! I ride!!" He'd drive that one for a couple seconds, point to the next one and start all over. Nana and Daddy carried him from tractor to tractor all afternoon.


JoDee - Lacey, WA said...

Ashley those are great pictures!!! It was a great weekend until the tractor rides stopped then everything went down hill. I really think it was the rain and Billy's blood sugar that brought the whole weekend down!! LOL

Courtney Alldredge said...

Hey Ash-are you sure you are far enough along to know you are having a girl cause seriously you don't look prego at all:) Looks like a fun trip even though it rained!