Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend we went to an Easter Egg Hunt put on by my Cousin, Aunt and her sister-in-law Cheryl!! It was at Grandpa's house this year and the weather was gorgeous! We all had a great time!
Love that cheesy smile! :)
Decorating Easter Bags
High Fives for the Easter Bunny
Ridin the tractor with Papa
Ready to hunt for eggs!!
The boys kept wanting to stop and open EVERY egg they found.
This was after we opened all his eggs. He kept grabbing candy out of his bag and running off into the corner to "sneak" them. Notice the chipmunk cheeks full of candy already....
In some of the eggs were little tickets with a "prize" on them. You had to take them to the prize table to redeem your prizes! :)
The Hay Stack filled with candy and money!
Grandma Kay helping Gage
He didn't quite understand the concept of bowling so....
he used a pin and ball to golf. Naturally.
Soooo tired!
Thank you so much Lindsey, Aunt Di Di and Cheryl for an amazing day!! We had SOOOO much fun!!


jennifer said...

Ashley your kids are soo cute!!! You have a great blog!! I look at your blog often in hopes of seeing some pictures of Sutton too. Thanks so much for the pictures. I loved them. Made me cry, I miss him so much. Jennifer (Shell's Mom)

Courtney Alldredge said...

That is so cool that they do that! It looks like so much work, but so much fun for everyone too. Happy Easter!