Saturday, September 20, 2008

A day at the beach!

Aunt Catt invited us all up to her new beach house in Gig Harbor to celebrate Dad & Darren's birthdays. We had such a good time and the weather was perfect! I took about a million pictures of Gage on the beach! Thanks for the fun day Auntie Catt!

Gage was so interested the sand! He kept picking it up and letting it fall through his fingers.Just fishin with my Papa!

Fishing is very serious business!Ah Ha! No wonder the kid doesn't sleep at night! Someone spoils him by holding him during naps!!! Hmmm who could that be???Baby Lilah!Daddy and Lilah


Keren said...

OMGoodness Ash, you're a great photographer!! Im reasearching SLR cameras (which Im assuming thats what you use) and was wondering what brand you have...I really love how all of your pics turn out!! Do you love your camera???
It must be super easy to get adorable pics...just look at how cute Gage is!! :)

Kameron said...

Gage is so cute! I love those pics of him on the beach.