Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yeeeee Haw!

Since I was a little girl, we've spent every Labor Day weekend in Ellensburg for the rodeo. I was so excited for Gage to experience all our rodeo weekend traditions.
SATURDAY = Parade Day (aka Jennifer's Day!)

Plug your ears! The rodeo sheriffs are coming with their guns!

Someone doesn't like rodeo sheriffs!! One of the floats threw out these pinwheels and Gage LOVED his! He held onto it for the rest of the parade and wouldn't let it go!

Aunt Tee-Tee did this over & over for him!

The Candy Lady! :)
Hmmm what do I do with this candy thing? I liked my pinwheel better!Watching the parade with my Papa SUNDAY = RODEO DAY!
One day out of the rodeo weekend Wrangler puts on a "Tough enough to wear pink?" day to raise money for breast cancer. They encourage everyone to wear pink! If the cowboy (or cowgirl) that wins the event is wearing a pink shirt they get an extra $100 which they usually turn right around and donate back to the cause. It's great to see all the tough cowboys in pink!
My little cowpoke is definitely tough enough to wear pink!
Gage was fascinated by all the horses! Cowboys get hungry too! If this isn't tough, I don't know what is? Haha ok maybe this is tougher!!! Checkin out the piggys!
Yeeee Haw! Look Mom! I wrangled me some Rodeo Princesses! Back at the ranch
Is it just me or does Aunt Virginia look drunk?!? :)"The bad news is, I didn't find the flashlight. The good news is, I found this SWEET hat!!"
- Justin
I survived my first Rodeo weekend! Now let's go home!


IdahoGirl said...

He is just so cute I could nibble him up!!!

Elizabeth said...

ahhhh he is tough enough to wear pink...look at the mean mug. He needs more Auntie Liz time to make him smile!