Monday, April 20, 2009


We spent Easter morning at Randy & Karen's for brunch. Gavin and Gage had a great time hunting for Easter eggs! Karen even filled the eggs with rice chex since that's about the only snack Gage isn't allergic too. Thanks Randy & Karen!! We had a great time!
Randy & Gavin
Easter baskets Karen put together for all the kids.
Gage LOVED Gavin's tractor! Now, every time we get home he wants to ride on daddy's lawn mower in the garage!
Hunting for Easter eggs...
"There's nothing in this one!!!!"
"WOW! Look at all these eggs!!"
After brunch we went home and had dinner with Mom and Dad. Nana had this Easter basket waiting for Gage.
He didn't like the grass on anything so he'd pick it off strand by strand.
"Hmmm I bet these taste good!"
Easter Basket vs. One Year Old Easter Basket 0 One Year Old 1

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JoDee - Lacey, WA said...

I just love this blog!!! I love be able to look at all his pictures anytime I want. Thanks, Ashley for updating his blog as often as you do. Love, Nana