Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You know those crazy pushy parents?
Come on. You know the kind I'm talking about. The ones that push a sport or activity on their kid.
The ones you always hear yelling at t-ball, "Get back out there! You're FINE!"
The ones that are SHOVING their pageant babies out on stage while they're kicking and crying.
The ones that are living their dreams through their kids.
Anyway, enough about "those" parents. I think they're CRAZY! Who would dream of being so pushy! Let's talk about our weekend :)
The minute the sun came out last weekend I'm pretty sure I overheard Justin say, "You can walk now. There are NO excuses. Get out there and hit some balls boy!" Please join us for Golf 101 with a one year old. "Hmmm this should be easy. I've watched Tiger do this 100 times on the golf channel."
"Maybe I can spear it in the hole!"

"That didn't work. Maybe I just need to get a running start at it."

"Hey? Where'd my ball go?"

"Maybe this rubber stuff is the problem. I shall pick it off."


"Maybe I just need to hold the club lower!"

"OR maybe I throw it up, and hit it like a baseball!"

"That didn't go as planned."

"Let's reevaluate. Ball. Club."

"Ok ok I've got this. Place ball."
"And SWING!"
"Ha! I'll be getting the sponsorships in no time. Just call me Tiger."


JoDee - Lacey, WA said...

Oh!!! he's so darn cute!!! I can't get enough of him. I think Papa needs to make him a shorter set of clubs. I will work on that. Love, Nana

Elizabeth said...

OMG, Ash, that post had me cracking up! Yup, he's destined to be a golfer!

Carly said...

That's super cute Ashley!