Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gone Fishin

Last weekend we went out to my Auntie Dine's cabin for Opening Fishing Day. We LOVE it out there and always have the best time! Thanks Auntie Dine for letting us come out and play!!
Patience. Patience.
"How long is this going to take?"
Sutton finally decided he'd rather just go in and grab a fish than wait for one on his pole!
Part of being a good fisherman is looking the part! You don't actually have to catch any fish....right Hun? :)
The Pink Fisherwoman!
When I was getting Gage ready I asked Justin, "What does a fisherman wear?" Apparently this was it....
Ron Kimball, Gage Kimball, George Kimball
Gage and Sutton decided that fishing with worms wasn't so bad!!
Dad's big catch of the day!
Terri, Courtney, Seth and Super Dog!
Tim's fish. Somehow the boys fished ALL day and this was the only fish they caught.
"THAT'S what I was fishing for? Gross!!"

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